Oct 1, 2005

boo, dammit.

that's the punchline from one of my favorite, sort of naughty jokes.

here's the Readers' Digest condensed version.
a recently married couple are on their way to their hotel for their honeymoon night. as they drive, they see two dogs doing...well, what a boy & girl dog will do (again, people, please spay & neuter your pets). the new bride, being a naive sort, asks hubby what they are doing. he responds that the boy dog is scaring the girl dog. after a minute or so, our lovely bride says "honey will you scare me like that?" "sure!" he responds enthusiastically, pulls over & they have at it.

several minutes later, the blushing bride asks her husband to scare her again. "OK" he responds, but less enthusiastically. they pull over again.

fifteen minutes goes by, as they continue to drive down the road. once again, the bride says "honey, scare me again!" exhausted, her husband turns to her and says, "boo, dammit."

i'm not looking to be scared right now. i'm about to rant.

we live across the street from Knott's Berry Farm, a really cool little amusement park here in So. Cal. B & i got married there (they have the coolest little church that was built in the early 20th century {still seems weird to say "early 20th century}) and had our reception there.

every October, they turn the park into Knott's Scary Farm. the Halloween Haunt is, without a doubt, the scariest Halloween party around. they creep out the rides, they have people in the rides just jump out at you. they have mazes. the place will scare the beejeebeers outta you.

B & i used to go, until about two years ago, when we realized we were old enough to be a parent to the average age group. talk about depression. 'sides, he works nights & weekends; makes it difficult to go. and i'm too chicken to go by myself.

my rant is that we are so close, it blows trying to get anywhere around Knott's.

we have a few favorite restaurants on the other side of the park. traffic gets soooooooooooo bad, a 5 minute drive has taken 30 minutes. ugggh.

so, it's simple, i guess. don't go anywhere near the park on Thursday-Sunday.

boo, dammit.

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Marjorie said...

Hi...I linked to your blog from Cynthia's. We were just there in September. We stayed at the Knottsberry Farm hotel right next door to the park. We didn't go to the park though. It was more of a shopping trip than anything else.*smiles* We did go about 2 years ago. Took my grandchildren and had a great time!