Oct 26, 2005

i can't wait!

now that i've whined about the husband....

i won a set of lenses for my digital camera on ebay! a wide-angle & a telephoto. i absolutely cannot wait till they get here!

my only worry...the seller is on the East Coast of Florida. i sent her an email yesterday, not necessarily because of my goodies, but i was worried that she sustained heavy damage. hopefully not.

i have another friend who lives outside Cape Canaveral...they survived Wilma with only a few extra loads of towels & some trash & palm fronds on their lawn. Jules, from the CKMB still is without power...yikes. phone service, but no power. does that make sense?

i cannot wait to get these new toys...it'll give me something new to play with!

and i'm grateful to God that that's the only thing i have to worry about.

1 comment:

doodlebugmom said...

Have fun when you get your new lenses.

I have never bought anything on ebay...I am the only one left! lol

Linda :o)