Oct 23, 2005

i like drugs...oh yes i dooooooooooooooo

again. not having that much pain, but i do feel so much more relaxed. occasionally i get this weird sensation...not exactly pain, but not comfortable, either. i'm still so amazed that a) there's no pain in my leg any more and b) how good i really do feel. but before you start lecturing, i'm taking it VERY EASY.

on the home front, last night was B's first night back at work since the surgery. i went between "whoopee!" and "ohdeargodinheavenwhatthehellamithinking?!" but it went really well...
Elvis the Wunderkat has stayed in my lap most of the time. he's a good kitty (in spite of what my mom says). i am lucky.

well, yesterday afternoon, i woke up from one of my many naps to someone knocking at our door. i look out the peephole (yes, it did take about a year to get up!) to see my downstairs neighbor, here to check on me & to bring a pizza from Domino's.

not a leftover pizza. a whole pizza.


i didn't tell him i haven't been eating a whole lot of solid foods, been pretty much sticking with jello, broth & juices. (WARNING: DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU DON"T WANT THAT MUCH INFO!) the thought of straining at the pot just scares the beejeebers outta me.

well...after listening to the pizza call me with it's sirine song, i finally said the hell with it.

i ate two pieces.

i may pay for it today (but maybe not, i took a Colace), but lordy was it good.

don't worry, i was really good this a.m. i ate a piece of toast with jello.

food? eh. it doesn't interest me right now. which will be good for the diet.

i just cannot wait till they remove the staples. and i can take a shower.

that's way better than pizza.

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