Oct 28, 2005

anyone got a copy of Blogging for Dummies?

I so need it. i keep seeing other blogs that are SO much better than mine, but can i figure out the commands to do that?


oh, went to the doctor today. they took out the staples.

except that they weren't staples. they were suters.


dammit all. that hurt more than any pain i had after the surgery!

but on the bright side, i don't have the maxi-pad of a bandage on my back.

i asked the PA (all the doctors were out) if i could see it before she took 'em out. for whatever reason, she wouldn't show me. maybe she thought i would throw up. does she not realize i like watching (most) surgeries on TV?

so the suters are out, and surgi-strips are on.

which means again: no shower for 24 hours.

what the hell?!

oh well, what's one more day.

at least then i can start walking more...i want to head off to the track at the college to do some walking. i want to really try & lose some weight this time, so when i do go back to work, everyone says "wow!"

oh yeah, and for my health, blah, blah, blah.

so i guess i need Blogging for Dummies & Losing Weight for Lazy Dummies.

peace out.


doodlebugmom said...

Take it easy after surgery. Don't got out walking to far or fast. You might regret that!

The mom in me cant help posting stuff like this.!

Linda :o)

Doug Bagley said...

I'm new to your blog, was it back surgery that you had? I've had a couple plus 13 other orthopedic surgeries and totally can relate to the pain. Good luck

Doug Bagley said...

that's what I had wrong with my back. Take it easy and don't push it beyond what the doc says. I learned that the hard way.