Nov 1, 2005

it's the end of an era...sort of.

another relic of my childhood, down the tubes.

Movieland Wax Museum opened May 1962...same time i did. i remember it being a part of my mom, God bless her, would use an entire week of vacation taking me to Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, Japanese Village & Deer Park and Movieland.

last time i remember going was back in the 70's. i remember an attraction called The Black Box. don't remember for sure what all it entailed, but the commercial always made me was a girl named Rosemary Kabbibbe and the tag line was "The lights are on, but nobody's home."

oh for the memories.

B wanted to go on Sunday, but the line to buy tickets was going around the building. i don't think so. so we shot for Monday, which was better.

it was still crowded, but not as bad as Sunday would've been. took about 2 hrs to go through the entire exhibits. took pictures of every single figure...

made me sad. not that this was such a killer attraction, and if you saw some of the figures, oy.
you could tell that some were 43 years old. dang. i looked better than some of 'em. i guess i'm sad because i just feel old. places i wanted to show my niece & nephew are gone or going.

but every generation has to have their Sacred Places, i guess. one day, some generations will mourn the loss of Vans' Skate Park.

i guess.

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Doug Bagley said...

And I'm with you on this one too. Remember Drive-In theaters? They were like a right of passage--perhaps I'm actually glad they began disappearing by the time my sons became old enough to date, lol.
Now, with caller I.D., prank phone calls are close to impossible to do, another right of passage. Boy did my brothers, me, and friends pull some great prank calls.
But, one of the perks of being my age is I'm old enough to know what I'm doing and still young enough to enjoy it! Wooohooo!