Nov 11, 2005

ooooooh - organization!

well, i have traveled over the many points of Buena Park today (OK, i only went to 5 stores) on a Quest: to find index card dividers & Cropper Hopper's vertical paper dividers.

i'm 0 for 2.

i went to Office Depot & Walgreens trying to find the dividers. all i can find are laminated ones or ones with laminated tabs. all i want are dull, boring cardstock ones to try one of the projects in Donna's book. oh well. tomorrow begins again, right?

now for the Cropper Hopper.


no luck there either. and the fine folks at my local Michaels were as helpful as...well...

i sometimes wonder if that's on the job description for these people. not just at Michaels, but anywhere. "whatever you do, as an employee of this store, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES HELP THE CUSTOMER. never mind the fact that their purchases help pay your salary. ignore them and on the occasions when you must help, be as short and as curt as ever."


so, at Office Depot, i found vinyl folders for work orders. 9"x12". so i got them, some labels, and spent about 40 minutes, sitting on the floor (which hurt like hell, believe me) & sorted my papers by colors. i know...i could order them online. but i want 'em, and i want 'em now.

now i feel like my papers really are organized. but i still (surprisingly) have more cardstock than patterned paper.


on to my other rant for the day.

got another letter from the Good People that administer the state disability claims.

it is my firm belief that when Michaels employees leave, they go to state disability offices.

the letter says, again, that i am not eligible for disability because my employer pays my full amount of salary.

no, no, no, no, no. they don't.

i'm only getting 1/2 my salary now. i really could use the rest of my pay.

oh, and did i mention they still have my SS# wrong? bloody hell.

thankfully (only for them) i have between now & Monday to calm myself down.

i realize these are just minor speed bumps. but it's the most absolute frustrating thing. just gives me the worst headache today. it's taken 4 Aleve to feel better.

but it's Friday - and heaven knows i don't want to start the weekend on a bad note.
go out & have some fun this weekend.

and if you see those index card dividers, let me know, willya?

peace out & rock on. : )

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