Nov 3, 2005

getting sentimental..again.

for some reason, i started thinking about more icons of my childhood gone forever.

anyone remember Japanese Village & Deer Park in Buena Park? i remember thinking it was so cool to get a pearl AND feed deer.

what about Santa's Village up near Big Bear? i remember getting lost in the hall of mirrors.

Marineland in Palos Verdes? i remember going with my mom & grandma and spending untold dimes riding on this huge slide. sheesh. the thought of climing up those stairs again puts my back in a spasm.

the original Pike in Long Beach? sorry, can't help you there. living with my great auntie as a child, i wasn't allowed to go there. her thought was that i was going to get stuck with a needle & become a heroin addict. (yes, she did live in a strange world)

so many memories.

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