Nov 5, 2005

where have all my juices gone?

pull your mind out of the gutter.

i refer to my creative juices.

every night this week, i've spent minimum of two hours in the office/scrap/crap room, working on one project or another (certainly not my wedding album, which i should be working on).

but not tonight. for whatever reason, i just can't get it together.

i've measured wrong. ever hear of the old saw: Measure twice, cut once? i'm a big believer.


i've measured wrong. twice. and only found out after i've cut once.


so i limped back into the living room (yes, limped. back ain't cooperating in the Feel
Good Department today). put on The Simpsons season 6 DVD.

have mercy. i'm sick of that, too.

can't be that i have cabin fever. i still am snotty (head-wise, not personality. but some would say that i am that, as well). feel kinda puny.

i don't wanna go out, but i can't stay here.


ah well, i'll try it again. head on back in & put on Disco Saturday Night on the local radio dial.

maybe i can boogie my way into creativeness. peace out.

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