Nov 7, 2005

is there a 12-step program for scrappers?

something like..."hi, my name is Valerie & i scrap"?

decided to spend some time tonight cleaning up my corner of the 2nd bedroom.
we have a two bedroom place, and the smaller room is an office/kitty/scrapping room (kitty, because his box is in there. won't fit in the bathroom). so i had worked on a project, then found some papers i had bought but not put away.

40 minutes later...

oh dear Scrapbooking Powers that Be. say it isn't so.

i have 5 of those Cropper Hopper vertical paper holders (for those that don't know they're about 12" high by about 4"wide & they hold scrapbooking papers. for those that don't care, please skip down). three are filled with different colors of patterned paper, one with tall embellishments, letters, etc. one is (after tonight) completely filled with cardstock.

oh dear.

after i whispered "i should never buy paper again," i decided to start on organizing my ribbon & fibers.

i won't even go into what i had.

i had no idea i even had that much.

what is wrong with me? am i that sick, that all i do is buy products & do nothing with them?

OK, not entirely true...i have been working on some little albums stolen from Donna's book.
but mercy...i had NO idea i have this much stuff.

so see, i feel better. step one is admitting i have a problem. step two is trying to stay away from the siren call of Bazzil, Basic Grey, GinerationX & ImaginationStation.

step three is actually using this stuff.

stop me before i buy again. i hear there's a sale at Michaels.


doodlebugmom said...

I can relate. I have been seriously considering getting rid of half of my stuff. Maybe that would simplify my scrapping and my life!

Linda :o)

Carla said...

I love those vertical holders as well if only someday I could get them organized by color......

Some days I think I am comforted by all my stash. Because if I wanted to, I have enough supplies to scrap for the next 20 years!