Nov 3, 2005

hmmm....this ain't right...

it's not bad enough that my back hurts...but now i'm sick.


got a lovely case of the legs ache & i'm completely full of snot. gotta love it.

on the other hand.....
a friend at work emailed me photos from Halloween @ work. i would never have recognized some of the folks on our management team!

last year i went as Britney after a blonde wig, a pair of hip huggers & a cig. fat Britney. total trailer trash. hey, i won most humorous costume. this year i could've been Miss Frankenback.

speaking of...the scar is still nasty looking. called the doctor the other day because it was really red (call me paranoid...but never having had back surgery before...) and they calmed me down. then the mail came in & i was told by the State of California's Glorious Employment Development Department that i was ineligible for state disability benefits. why? certainly not because i've been at my job for 18 years....

because the EDD typed my social security number in wrong.

isn't that nice?

so, after a short 40 minutes on the phone, it got straightened out...but will take 7-10 business days to do so.

so frustrating. i'm rather easily stressed these days, so this bothers the beejeebers outta me.

on the bright side...

tuesday i spent most of the night in the craft/office working on a project i found in Donna Downey's "Yes, It's a Scrapbook!" book. i love that book. i love her. her ideas are totally cool...and she's actually emailed me in answer to some of my comments on her blog.

she's very cool.

and the project (a mini album made out of old cd's) i thought turned out really cool. i'll post a picture tomorrow.

time for Typhoid Mary Frankenback to go to sleep. peace out.

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