Nov 11, 2005

why do we create?

so this a.m., i was checking out my myriad of blogs that i love....and i found this on Loni's blog.

the question of the day: why do you create.

there's so many reasons why i think i participate in this insanity called scrapbooking because even though my favorite subject all through school was art, i was told on more than one occasion, to "stick to writing."

unfortunately my writing ain't dat great.

but i digress. again.

i create to fulfill a need in my soul. a need that i cannot get filled from any other source. as a long-time reader of this mindless drivel knows, we don't have kids, so all these albums will end up going to a niece or nephew. that, sometimes, hurts. not that i think that no one but one's children can love scrapbooks created by someone other than their parent, but, well...i guess it's just not the same.

scrapbooking evokes a feeling i can never describe.
the way i feel when a project is complete.
happy, but sad.

but i love the feeling.
to create.
to enjoy.
to be.
that's why i do it.

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