Nov 17, 2005

this is totally cool!

as hard to belive as it may be, i never saw "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" as a kid.

actually never saw a lot of movies as a kid - but i certainly made up for it as an "adult."

so, when i finally did see WW&TCF, i was almost horrified. what a scary-ass movie! Gene Wilder, while beyond insane & brilliant, was the best part of the movie..the rest, i thought, was almost a nightmare.

today, i rented Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. wow. this is a great movie. there's just enough "darkness" in it to keep it still a fantasy, but not nearly as disturbing as WW was to me.

and as for Johnny friend has been in love with him for years...i'm kinda seeing why. not that he's so handsome in this movie, but there's something about the roles he chooses...

what a great movie. i so need this for Christmas.

in other news...

got a letter from SDI today, with a correct SS# and wages. finally.

could a check be far off? stay tuned.

happy, happy, joy, joy.

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