Oct 26, 2005

does anyone understand guys?

i'm looking for guidance.

B made an appointment with the dentist for today...at 9 a.m. he calls me at 10:30, and is there still. found out he needs two crowns & a deep cleaning. so he decided to do half of the cleaning & one of the crowns today.

what th'....?

i don't get it! if it isn't manditory that you do it immediately, why not wait? he still has to go to work today; i might have planned to do it on his day off, but that's me.

so great. now i have to worry about him driving home after all that.

why do men do what they do?

and for purely selfish reasons, this ain't gonna be pretty on the ol' budget. granted, with insurance, my surgery won't cost us much, but if i am off till next year, i worry how that could effect my pay, if STD or the State decide not to pay for the additional time off.

oh brother.

the silver lining, is that the Dentist told B he wouldn't bill him till next year...thankfully that will make it smoother on insurance, and B can up his FRP to pay for it.

but sheesh. what was he thinking?

the world may never know


doodlebugmom said...

Men are just a whole differnt animal. We will never understand them.

But what gets me is a dentist that can fix it that day! I had to get a crown and it had to be pre-approved buy insurance, then wait 2 weeks for an appointment, then come back 2 weeks later for the permanent one...geesh...really I think the dentist should pay us for all that!


Debbie said...

Valerie, I don't even think guys understand guys. But good luck with all of that, I still struggle with it myself. :)