Feb 7, 2007

back to the land of the living...

(now i know you've been emailing to make sure i'm OK - here's proof)

if that's what you want to call this, living.

i am truly sick of coughing. and to add insult to injury, a friend of mine at work feels it's his mission in this life to send me slightly naughty nuggets via the email..which makes me laugh.

which makes me cough.


so between that, and literally working my bum off and fighting with the ad designers who somehow cannot make the connection that the ads they have, directly effect the reports i need to clear. hmmmmm. so simple. yet so hard for some to grasp. my favorite quote (that i've heard over and over and over) from the designers is "i didn't know it was a rush. it wasn't tagged."

never mind the fact that every day they get a list of hot directories that are going to the printer that day. it wasn't tagged. oh well...this hasn't changed in the many, many years i've done this job. it sure ain't gonna change now.

in other news..next month i'll be up in Reno for a week. the cousin from Ireland will be coming out then, and since i have plenty of vacation, i'll be representing the Southern California contingent of the family.

ah yes...a week of scrapbook shopping, girl bonding and chardonnay drinking.

or margaritas. i'm not picky.

and this weekend, the Husband & i will be joining some friends at the Coach House down the freeway to see The Tubes. (remember them? "She's a Beauty"?) they'll be playing there, but more fun is the fact that one of their opening acts is a band a former coworker of ours is in. we have dinner reservations (to get better seats) and when all is said and done, it'll just be nice to be out on a Saturday with the Husband.

and in case you wanted more of my social calendar...

Scrapbook Expo is coming...oh joy! oh rapture! oh paper shopping!! so if any of you local girls are going, drop me a note - perhaps we can meet for lunch.

and shopping. probably still with a pocketful of Ricola cough drops.

hope you're staying warm...and dry...and cough free.


doodlebugmom said...

Am I a schmuck? I couldn't hep it. I could not send a ground hog card on Feb 3rd. =D

Glad you are feeling a little better.

Ooooh girl weekend. nice.

Melissa said...

Deadlines? We don't need no stinkin' deadlines!

(At least that's the general feeling we get from our advertisers around here.

Keep the cough drops handy. You have much to look forward to, oh Random One.