Feb 14, 2007

all you need is love.

Happy Valentine's.

OK - now that it's out of the way...

i was driving home the other night, when i passed by a local pool supply store. In the window, is the required "God Bless America" sign. And right below it...

"Now Hiring Americans Only."

Apparently, God only blesses Americans. All others better hope for the best.

i do have picture from my phone, but it hasn't been delivered to my In box. i'll post when i get it.

edited...here you go:


Melissa said...

Well, customers from that store can certainly expect for their prices to go up.

In other news, which I DO happen to disagree with - Jason said that Bank of America plans to offer credit cards to folks with no social security number (i.e. undocumented aliens). Tell me, how do you get a credit score, without a SSN? And, if these folks don't pay their bills, how will they track them down?

Allison said...

Now that's just crazy!