Feb 11, 2007


sorry. very small picture. best i could do

we met up with some of my friends from work (after the Husband worked all dang day yesterday and is going back again today) at the Coach House, a small concert venue down in south OC.

the two boys in our group - my Husband and my former supervisor's husband, are HUGE Tubes fans.

while i remember things like "She's a Beauty," and "Talk to Ya Later," these guys are looking at such nuggets as "White Punks on Dope," and "Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman."

oh yeah. good times.

our main view was our friend's band that opened for them. quite the bluesier, folk rockin' group. their lead singer is our friend, and to me she's a cross between Melissa Ethridge and any other folk/rock singer out there.

good times indeed. just very late times.

we got out of there around midnight, and all three of us were laughing at how old we are...when it used to be that (in my case, anyway) we could stay up till at least 2am, THEN get up @ 6 to go to a paper drive for Rainbow Girls. fresh as the proverbial daisy.

believe me, those days are long gone.
we were in bed by 1:30. oh goody.

but it's all in the name of rock 'n' roll.

rock on, my children. rock on.

in other news...i do want to prove one...well, two things: it DOES rain in Southern California and that we do have weather.

see? rain. my shamrock is coming back from death's door. it's pouring off the roof.
we got weather. it ain't all sunshine & roses.
now before y'all start in about the snow thing, know this: southern Californians absolutely freak when we have to drive in the rain. no one seems to remember that it rains so infrequently here, that when it does, all the oil & slippery crud comes up. and people here always forget that. and continue driving at 65+.
then act surprised when they suddenly hit a skid, spin out and wreck.
hey. i never said we were all bright here.
this weather makes me happy. i can't even begin to tell you how happy i am when it rains. i think it must be the latent Pacific Northwest genes in my blood. (although my mom claims i don't get it from her - she's far from giddy when it rains)
so to summarize (i know, i could've done this many, many paragraphs ago & saved you the time) - rock 'n' roll (and beer!) good.
- late nights (at my age) bad.
- mamma like rain. mamma nutty.
- southern CA's cannot drive in the rain.
happy Sunday!


TK Angels said...

Hi just checking different blogs. Love your pictures.

Take care,

cantellya said...

You're only as old as you act, my dear :)
I so do not miss California!

Susie Q said...

You OLD??? Nah...I know what you mean though. Oh how I know...
I well remember what happens on the roads when it rains in So Cal. Yikes!
I was just like you when we lived in San Diego...would get so happy when it rained! It was a change! And I love cloudy days...silly bit I do. Not weeks in a row or nuthin' but some. 'Course, I am nutty too.

You get some rest...now that I am humming Talk to ya later...I will try to sleep. Sumon' is on it;s way to you...just silly stuff. A get well - Val Day thingee....just cause.
So there.

We are getting up to a foot of snow in the next 24 hours. Feel sorry for me?


Melissa said...

So Californians aren't the only ones who forget how to drive when it rains - the folks around here do, every summer, when we have a month and a half or so of dry weather.

Enjoy the wet stuff while it lasts!