Feb 26, 2007

who asked you?

(or, me)

since i can't think of anything to write (that i wanna share) i thought i'd just blah, blah, blah my way into your hearts.

or your computer.


on the Oscars
- love Ellen. she was funny, but kept enough out of the way that the show moved fairly well.
the Oscars is my High Holy Night of TV. the Husband kvetches about it every damn year.
on our way home from errands yesterday, we stopped at Blockbuster so he could pick up some movies.
four movies.
sorry, sweetie, the show only seems that long.
funny, though...he watched as much of the show as i did.

- loved that dance troupe. when they formed an Oscar, and the stiletto from Devil Wears Prada..well, that was freaking amazing.

- Jennifer Hudson was perfect. although one of the "i am SO right all the time" chicks i work with could do nothing but complain that she kept showing her boobies.

- last night, as it does every year, just reinforces my dream to write a screenplay that actually gets picked up, made into a picture, then wins the author (me) an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

well, a girl can dream.

- also loved the little musical number Jack Black & Will Ferrell did. oh, and when Ellen had Steven Spielberg take a picture of herself & Clint Eastwood...totally silly. and i love silly.

on work
- this nutty place. 'course it didn't help that i was a little tired and a whole lot cranky this a.m. but when i had to explain three times to the same guy where to put his work (and no, he's not new), well...it doesn't bode well for the day.

- my boss is going on a trip to Minnesota this week to do a presentation to our newest sales division out there. i thought about volunteering, but with all the traveling i did last year, i thought perhaps i should let someone else go.

but now that he's going, i'm left in charge of our group. pray that i don't lose my temper and bludgeon someone. we've got some people that always think they know best and that i'm out to get them.
if only i had the time.

on life
- Husband's best friend called the other day - seems one of his adopted sons (a long story, suffice it to say that of the four boys he adopted, the older two have issues from fetal alcohol poisoning, and just never have adjusted well to normal family life here in the States{they're from the Marshall Islands}) managed to get his girlfriend pregnant.

oh irony. thee loves to stay at my house.

one of the (many) things i don't understand is this: the pregnant girl is a little "off" herself. so why her parents didn't opt to put her on the pill is beyond me. do these people really think that even though you may not understand what 12x12 is, that you don't want to have sex?

my mom
- called my mom yesterday, and immediately got an earful because i haven't called since Wednesday. wait...no, Thursday. mind you, i see her & my step-pop every week. and last i checked, the phone works both ways. **sigh**
- she and her Red Hat Society travelled down to Downtown Disney here in Anaheim today (for those unfamiliar, Downtown Disney is outside Disneyland and has movies, shops, restaurants and a House of Blues. it's a lot of fun, and is free. well, except for the movies and restaurants and whatever you buy in the shop.
so they carpooled together, and when they got to the parking lot (where it's gated), pulled in behind a truck, parked, and let the fun begin.

mind you, i mentioned to Mama that you got three hours free parking, if you go to the restaurant or movies, you got an additional two hours free.

but since they went in behind a truck, they didn't go in the proper 'entrance' gate. therefore, they had no ticket. therefore, they should pay the fee for a lost ticket: $25.

thankfully, the gate attendant had mercy on some older women dressed in red and purple.

my man
- right now, it's almost 8:30 p.m. post median. is he home? nope. still at work, proofing some work. he still thinks he's screwing up in the job, and the fact that no one has pulled him aside and said "what the hell are you doing?!" makes no never mind.

- yesterday, while at Costco, we were looking at the diamonds (OK, i was looking at the diamonds) when he came up to me and asked what i was doing (hmmm...Captain Obvious?!), when i said i was looking at the rings, he scoffed "Ha! keep looking, it ain't gonna happen."
well, while i dang well know i'm not getting a $2100 ring, there's no need to be sarcastic.

my life
- is just fine, thank you. well, as fine is it's gonna be. i need to start on our taxes, the sooner we do, the sooner the refund is in our account.
- i have a rendezvous root beer float.
- it's time for me to go to bed.
right after the root beer float.


Lissete said...

Ditto everything about the Oscars. LOVED Ellen, the dance troupe (amazing!) & the Will Farrell number. Jennifer did seem to have boobies issues but I think it is because they are REAL so they jiggle! :) Atleast nothing popped out.

(Visiting from Melissa's blog, hope youo don't mind :) )

doodlebugmom said...

All I saw of the Oscars was the choir of sound effects, kinda weird, but interesting. (you have mail about the dancers)

My nice boss is on vacation this week, cranky boss is crankier than ususal. You are a wise woman to let your boss do Minnesota in February!

And go girl, get those taxes done. Don't forget the telephone tax credit! My refund is already snuggling in my bank account, will be gone soon for tuition, But at least it was mine for a while!

Allison said...

I just saw the part where Al Gore tried to announce his candidacy for president. I was "studying" for bio... lol.
Minnesota? Do you know how close I am to Minnesota!? lol.