Feb 24, 2007

once again - no original ideas here - part II

sometimes, i feel like if it weren't for Linda, i wouldn't have a blog. so thanks again, sweetie...i'm taking your challenge.

here you go, kids; my five favorite beauty products that i couldn't live without (nor would i want to)

1. Olay Complete moisturizer for sensitive skin. kids, this stuff rocks. it doesn't go on heavy, moisturizes well, and doesn't irritate my skin.

2. Physicians' Formula correcting powder for red skin. if you have roseacea, or just red, ruddy skin, this is for you. it's different shades of green & white, and you just sweep the brush over the powder, and stroke it on. red goes away. and you don't look like the understudy for the Wicked Witch of the East.

3. a tie! take your pick: BeneFit Bad Gal mascara or Avon SuperFull mascara. both ROCK. both make me look awake, and do something for these deep-set eyes with short lashes.

4. Clinique Glosswear for Lips in Kissyfit. a oh-so girlie pink lipgloss that looks good on anyone.

5. Almay Nearly Naked Touchpad Liquid makeup in Naked. it's a sponge that you press your fingers against, and put it on. it's light, doesn't cake and blends in oh-so-well with my whitern snow skin.

as long as i have these, i'm a happy, not red, still pale girl.
oh, with good eyes.

we could talk about hair products, but i don't want to bore anyone.

in other news...
we met up with my best friend and her mom, her two kids, plus three other boys ages 10-12. at a pirates dinner show not too far from our casa. totally fun, and totally perfect for knuckle-dragging boys. there were hats to be bought, swords to be unsheathed, and some pretty dang nice looking boys as pirates.


they swung, they fought, they played Errol Flynn, swinging from one side of the ship to another.
and the Husband and i, once again, voiced our opinion that stuntmen do NOT get paid enough.
why, the 14 year old girl even told her mom that she wanted a picture taken with one of them.

oh yeah. good girl.

and, in a never-ending battle of wits between my friend & i sneaked our share for the tickets (that she would not take otherwise) in her car, then waited till she was about 40 minutes down the road before i called to tell her to look in her ashtray. (neener, neener, Kristie!!)

so now, it's on. what else is new?

i'm off. an actual Saturday night out with the Husband. a fun place that does lobster, shrimp, crab, etc like they do down in Puerto Nuevo, Mexico. yum-o. the only drawback is that we either need to drive down to San Diego (not too bad) or Newport Beach. in Newport, it's right at the pier, so to go in the summer is suicide. but it's February, and not that many of us go to the pier. when it's cold.

but i'm still wearing flip-flops. don't hate me.

happy eating. happy saturday night. just be happy.


Allison said...

Too bad I don't even wear 5 different types of make up... lol.

I left money on one of my friends' coffee tables once, since her mom altered my prom dress and wouldn't take any money. Only then I come to find out a couple of weeks later that the money had "mysteriously" gotten back into the pocket of my letter coat.

doodlebugmom said...

I tried that Nearly Naked too, loved how it went on, but ZitCity for me from it. (Im a naked lady too, ya know fairer-than-fair naked). So then I tried the Almay version for oily skin, and that made me scaly and dry. hmpf!

Pirate stuff? Arrggh!

I will do the thankful stuff soon, bedtime for me.