Feb 16, 2007

stupid, mindless banter.

(which differs from any other post, how?)

i, Gentle Reader, am a lover of trivia. not to the degree of Ken Jennings, the big-time trivia king from Jeopardy, but as i am fond of saying, i am a font of useless knowledge.

(hey! new blog title!)

so - being that i seem to be in an exceptionally great mood (we had our Valentine's dinner last night, but that's another post, watched CSI, then slept till 7:30 this a.m.....heaven!) this fine morning, i give you Useless Knowledge 1.0...culled from some of my favorite reads: the Uncle John's Bathroom Readers.
  • a popcorn kernel must contain at least 13.5% water to pop.
  • in Switzerland, children receive holiday eggs from the Easter cuckoo.
  • in 1900, the life expectancy for a man was 46.6 years. for a woman, 48.7. in 2000, it jumps to 72.7 for men and 76.1 for women.
  • first sport captured on film: BOXING. (courtesy of Edison in 1894)
  • literally translated, hors d'oeurve means "outside of work"
  • the cities of Winnipeg and Calgary, Canada, per capita, drink the most Slurpees (a slush drink from 7-11 food stores, if you don't know) in the world. i so need to move there.
  • on average, babies born in May are 7 oz heavier than those born in other months (ah-ha! finally an excuse for me!)
  • there are 412 doors in the White House
  • according to criminal law, only three people are necessary for a disturbance to be classified as a riot.
  • if you're average, you'll spend five years of your life eating. make it count.


Melissa said...

Dude. I LOVE useless knowledge.

But if we find it useful, it isn't really useless, is it?

doodlebugmom said...

when we play trivial pursuit, I want you on my team!

april said...

"children receive holiday eggs from the Easter cuckoo"

and oddly enough, so did my brother and I! :P