Feb 10, 2007

there is nothing like a dame.

girls. there's nothing like us.

we're catty, kind, bee-atchy, generous, loving, hateful, creative, negative and nurturing.

oh yes. we are a contradiction. but with such contradictions, comes some really nice perks.

like cute clothes. makeup. slumber parties.

oh, and spa combo at the local nail shop.

the spa combo, is a manicure, pedicure, hopefully done together, while sitting in a whirlpool of warm, scented agua, with a massage chair kneading the beejeebers out of your back...up and down and up and down...

nice. mamma like spa combo.

of course, some do better than others. i've had some massages on my legs where i could barely tell if anyone was touching me. then there are those who are sooooo goooooood that i could fall asleep. or drool.
i've done both. thankfully, not at the same time.

i have three basic rules when it comes to spa combo time:
  1. scrub the beejeebers out of my feet. to me, that's just as good as a good massage. which brings us to...
  2. good massage. i like it when it starts out quite firmly..almost hard & painful, then ease up and gentle. love.it.
  3. don't talk to me during massage time. please. ever. it means i have to concentrate on what you're saying, and sometimes it's all i can do to keep my head upright. especially if you're doing #2 right.

there's a shop i used to go to (i just got lazy, and started going to shops that were closer) where i would get the "hot oil spa combo." i realize it sounds like something sleazy, but trust me, it ain't.

it involves equal parts of lotion and cuticle oil combined in a bowl, put in the microwave until warm, then massaged into the legs/arms. thickly. then, a warm, wet towel is wrapped around the appendages then covered with another dry towel.


then they would put scrub on my legs, massage it in, rinse it off, and watch me drool as dead skin rinses away.

oooh. i'm getting all shaky thinking about it.

hmm. would it be indulgent to get another spa combo today, after i had one last night?

yes it would. and to paraphrase the L'Oreal commercial, i'm so worth it.


Steff said...

Oh...that sounds like Heaven!

To quote someone on TV "I think I just came a little." These days, between work, sick kids sneezing and barfing on or near me, icky weather, and a guy who claims being bloated is something women make up...I could use a little spa treatment.

Enjoy it!

Pat said...

Ohhh - I so need one of these!

doodlebugmom said...

Oh! I think you are spoiled!


Allison said...

That sounds like fun!
And yes, that word I told you is nasal congestion. You should have heard our class when Profe told us that.