Feb 27, 2007

my defination of cozy..

a cool, windy day, right after a rain.

clean air.

fresh feeling out there.

watching my favorite TV show - CSI.

checking out my favorite blogs.

getting ready to work on an altered clock.

a warm furbaby snuggled on my lap.

a warm furbaby who's just pooted.


now that's love, baby.

or catfood. i can't decide which.


Steff said...

My cozy....

smells like Bounce dryer sheets

feels like my bed (feather pillow top, comforter, and mound of pillows)

sounds like a movie

looks like a good book in my hands

I question your furbaby's pooting as cozy...LOL

Also, will you please go vote for me? It's the Battle of the Blogs and I know I'm being shameless but pretty please? Follow the link and I'm in game 4.

Allison said...

Awww... that makes me miss my kitties!
My definition? Snuggling up on the futon with my blankie and watching movies! Especially with all this snow!