Feb 2, 2007


whichever works.

i have been home sick for the last two days. and i thank you for the e/cards and well wishes and all that happy stuff.

i have coughed until i truly expected to see the staples from my gallbladder surgery come out.

unfortunately, this illness has NOT effected my appetite, dingdangit.

my mamma is also illing, but she's got it much worse...she's been felled by an upper respiratory infection.

this HAS effected her appetite.

so. there you have it. i can tell i'm on the road to recovery because when i woke up this a.m., my first thought was "dang. i need to shave my legs."

can health be far behind?


Allison said...

LOL @ shaving legs. Since it's winter, I hardly shave mine. No one's going to see them or touch them, so no biggie... lol.

Feel much better!

Melissa said...

Shaving your legs - a sure sign of light at the end of the tunnel.

Get better soon!

Susie Q said...

Oh you girl...if you are worried about your hairy legs, you MUST be on the road to recovery!!
I have missed you you wise acre you.
Tell your mom to feel better too. Iam still coughing from what I had in early Decemeber. It is the yucks to be sick. Phooey.

Get well. Love ya.

cantellya said...

It's winter anyway. Maybe no one will notice.

Steff said...

The crud is going around here too...take care of yourself and feel better.

Wanting to shave your legs is a sure sign you're on the mend!!!

doodlebugmom said...

Get better fast. I felt so guilty about making you laugh ..well...kinda!


Samhains said...

I need to shave my back...

LOL J/k..
Havent commented on your site in a bit..thought I would..so I did..