Feb 16, 2007

had me a little date today...

with myself.
(and April, i held on to my values and slapped myself when i tried something)

decided to go to the movies this afternoon, and saw Dreamgirls. i knew i could get away with it because B, like a lot of men, have zero interest in chick flicks, much less musicals.

it was nice because i was there at noon. there were maybe 6 people in the theater.
i'm not a cheap date, however, the matinee ticket was $9, and by the time i bought lunch AND a box of Raisinettes, i was out $20.

dang. maybe i should have tried something.

however, after seeing this movie, i have come to two, no - three irrefutable conclusions:
1) the day this comes out on DVD, i am so there. heck, i may even buy two copies...one for home and one for our portable DVD player...just so i won't be without it.
2) if Jennifer Hudson doesn't win the Academy Award for best supporting actress, there's something wrong with the Academy. which i have suspected for years. i mean, come on! Martin Scorsese and Peter O'Toole can't win in their categories? give me a break.

wait. that's another post.

the third irrefutable conclusion? if you see this movie, and you are not sobbing as Jennifer sings "And I Am Telling You I Am Not Going," there could be something wrong with you. this chick is talented. powerful talented.

and when she wins, i would take that Oscar, go to Simon Cowell, and friggin' give him the biggest raspberry i had in me.
oh, and do the same for everyone out there that voted for someone else, booting her off "Idol."

mind you, i never watched Idol. but i'm telling you, i walked out of that theater wondering where i could get video of her.

ho-ley-cow. that is one talented chick. and as much as i love Taylor Hicks and Carrie Underwood, i can tell you this: ain't neither one of 'em got a Golden Globe in one hand, and the potential for the Oscar in the other.

happy weekend everyone.


cantellya said...

Isn't "me time" so awesome! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Susie Q said...

I are you so very right! Jennifer is awesome! I will admit to loving musicals...okay, I AM a sap...and I bawl like a baby every time I play the soundtrack from the Broadway Dreamgirl's when I hear And I'm Telling You...so I was not expecting a lot frim THIS version. WRONG Susie Bell! Jenniher H. is dynamite.
Ooh...I am one of those, Why In Hell has Peter O'Toole never won???? Same goes for Martin S. Weird...very.
Oh how I wanna see a movie. Supposed to get more snow tomorrow. Dang. I was gonna take my mom , Grace and myself to lunch and a flick. I am getting waaay tired of Winter.

Glad you are feeling better.
Oh, I would give yourself a second date. I think you deserve that. Go ahead and kiss yourself then...I mean, you are pretty cute and all.

Love and hugs,

Allison said...

Ah, I love movies. We have a movie theater here that's only $3 for movies, and they're actually recent ones too. It's really nice.
My friends and I have gotten into Foreign Films lately, we've watched a couple of Spanish & German ones.

Pat said...

Thanks for this review - I will definitely have to see it now!