Feb 27, 2007

and suddenly, i'm disgruntled all over again.

did i ever tell you about this?

i made this clock for her Christmas gift.

that was in, oh....let's see...December.


i have not received a note, nor a call nor even a psychic thought sent my way.

now i know she doesn't like me. her husband, however, is one of my best friends. when he saw this, he went nutty. as in "oh my gosh, i can't believe this, this is so amazing - thank you."

but you know, even with all that, you'd think i could at least get a thank you. even if she didn't mean it.

so why do i even try? because he is my friend. and i want to get along with her, as well as him. but apparently no matter what i do, or how well i do it, it's not ever, ever good enough.

i will always be a threat. i will always be viewed as suspect. and it's one of those things i never understood about women. why do we view other women as after our men?

is it a matter of trust? then, why marry them? why spend the time and effort in a relationship if you don't trust them.

i.don't.get.it. and never will.

but no matter what i do, she will never like me. and that bothers me. not because i think i'm all that and everyone should love me.

but at least i'm trying. couldn't she?


Susie Q said...

Oh Valerie...some women just don;t have *it*. Heck, it is just common coutesy and it is a WOW of a gift. I have one of those women in our family...Bill's brother's wife. She just does not like us and never will. I guess we will have to accept that but Iwill never get it. And this woman should trust her husband and gee what a great friend she could have in YOU! What a fool she is!!

Loved your cozy post and the others I just read trying to play catch up!

Oh...did you get that box? No problem, just wanted to throw the insurance slip away!

Love to you...and the Mr. My Mr. never reallyt understands MY love of the Oscars. Heck, it is ONE night!! ONE!! O LOVE the whole thing..: )


doodlebugmom said...

I love! love! love! your clocks.

I am like you, I want everyone to like me. I have a good friend who is a guy, his wife hates me to. She calls me "that chick." Funny! Old hen maybe...lol


Lissete said...

I'm so lucky that my BF's wife Is GREAT! She is ok with us being friends & going out for lunch & stuff. Heck, we've been friends since 3rd grade!

I LOVE the clock! Too bad that she doesn't have the decency to at least acknowledge the gift. Geez!