Feb 15, 2007

feelin' me some scrappin' love...

so tomorrow is the beginning of Scrapbook Expo here in the OC.

a vertiable shopping paradise. it's exactly what i'm looking for...some R&R...with a little shopping included.

not that there's anything restful about stomping through a huge shopping floor with thousands of other rabid scrapbookers.

scrapbookers who, although can design pages of their children with grace, flair and artistry will think nothing of kicking your ass if you get between them and some new 7 Gypsies paper.

there is some truth to the "Real Housewifes of the OC" - freakin' scary, they are.

i'm bummed in many respects. first, there were no classes that made me jump up & down screaming, "holy embellishments, Batman!" i did find one, and decided to apply as the teacher's helper (only cost $5, instead of the $30) and it was being taught by Katherine Brooks.

then i found out that not only is she no longer working for Deluxe Designs, therefore not teaching the class, but Deluxe Designs is apparently going out of business.

my mom will be in mourning.

so - it's off to be a teacher's pet, then see if there's anything that needs to find a new home with me.

oh, and look at a Crop-a-Dile for April.

so pray for me, tomorrow, as i gird my loins to enter the field of battle. i find myself lately more and more angry at people and the way they act..my fear is that i will end up as the latest case of road rage on one of the many So.Cal Freeways.

well, at least if it happens, y'all can say you knew me when. photos of treasures to follow tomorrow. peace out.


doodlebugmom said...

Be careful not to hurt anyone while going after the good stuff! lol! Aww, try not to be be angry at all the stupid/selfish people out there. Just keep reminding yourself "I am better then they are" :o)

(Or think she doesn't even know what a link is! too much fertilizer on the brain???)

Have fun! I will be waiting for pictures of all the goodies.

april said...

I too am sad about DD going out of business, but I'm glad they knew when it was time to put their family first and not run themselves to their frazzled end like some companies do, you know?

Pat said...

I've experienced mild mannered scrappers on a feeding frenzy, and it ain't pretty! Glad you survived!