Jan 17, 2006

updates to stories we've been following...

1) my boss's twins are both home; released Sunday night. Everyone is doing better, the girls are on breathing treatments every four hours. Mom & Dad are taking turns taking days off so they be home to administer. Oy. Thanks for your good thoughts & prayers, i'm sure they were felt & appreciated.

2) did i mention i joined Weight Watchers? Joined 1/6. First weigh-in was FRIDAY THE 13TH.
i lost 3.2 pounds.
bloody hell!
Now i'm pissed i didn't lose more. No pleasing me, is there?

**sigh** time for dinner....anyone care to join me for a WW frozen dinner? salsbury steak w/ mac & cheese. only 5 points. which is good!

If only WW created a hot fudge brownie sundae with Haagan Daas vanilla. Eat it up. Yum.

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Doug Bagley said...

Hey, when WW creates that hot fudge brownie sundae with Haagan Daas vanilla, I'll join up whether I need to or not, lol. Why is it that most of the things I love aren't good for me? The Almighty does have a sense of humor, doesn't He?