Jan 3, 2006

back to reality...

it's Back to Work day for me.

Back to Reality.

and i'm so looking forward to it. not.

it was kinda like getting summer vacation again...2 1/2 months off. and really, once i got the stitches out, and felt good...it was nice.

it still continues to be a nightmare in some respects. trying to get my company's disability insurance to approve the remainder of my time off. some things never change!

if nothing else, B was kind enough to let me know that if he gets a "high paying executive job" or if we win the lottery, i can quit.

let's see...the odds are 1 in 18, 009, 460. seems reasonable, doesn't it?

so i go back to the usual insanity of my job...and apparently we've been busier than a one-legged man in a bum-kicking contest. that ought to make things more interesting. not to mention the fact that i'm taking a bunch of sanitizing wipes with me. you see, the woman that worked my desk whist i was out is not, shall we say, the neatest or cleanest of people...food left on out desks, cleaning her nails at her desk...

want me to go on? didn't think so.

oh well. it's off to the shower. then off to reality.


doodlebugmom said...

Have a great first day back at work.

Eww, the lady using your desk. You will have to shower again when you get home! lol

Doug Bagley said...

Happy New Year, huh? LOL. What a drag to go back to work. Personally, I think being busier than a one-eye'd man at a peep show is even more stressful than the one-legged guy, lol.
Remember, happiness is a state of mind...if I could just remember what state I left mine in I'd be happy.