Jan 25, 2006

lean to the left...

not politically.

i thought i was done. i thought this was the end of all the back issues and i could move on.

guess the Lord has other plans.

i've noticed in the last two weeks, that i've been walking, listing to the left. mention it to therapist #1...who doesn't say much. mentioned it again to the second therapist, who wants to watch me walk, but doesn't.

so today, i take my case directly to the manager. she watches me walk & agrees, that my left side is dragging.

so what to do? i call my neurologist. well, the receptionist. who recommends i call the PA & let her know. so i do.

leave a message, that is.

i'm hoping to get an answer tomorrow.

i just want it over with. and i can't begin to describe how depressed i am that it may not be over.

stay tuned....

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doodlebugmom said...

Val sending ((hugs)) and prayers.