Jan 13, 2006

Almost Forgot...

Yesterday was my first PT session.


It wasn't all that bad. Some of the exercises i remembered from my first go-around with physical therapy (or, as Linda called it..Physical Terrorist. gotta love that.).


It was totally obvious that the terrorist, er...therapist, wasn't really interested in what i was doing. Staring off into space, just not watching what i was doing.
Well, her supervisor became aware of it, too.

See, the supervisor was sitting across from me, and says to my therapist, "watch her now - she's not doing that right."

Well, isn't that just ducky.

It wasn't a complicated move, just laying on my back, knees bent, then i raise my bum while i tighten my tummy...and hold for 10 seconds...doing this for 10 reps.

And i was half way through.

So she made me do them over again.

Keep your fingers crossed that either i don't get her again, or if i do, that she improves her attitude towards the job.

I just wonder when she lost her passion for the job.


doodlebugmom said...

There is no excuse for a PT not paying attention to you. You could possibly injure yourself doing somthing wrong. Besides, doing them wrong isn't going to do you much good. I would request a different PT, its your $ (or your insurence) and your health!

doodlebugmom said...

(Bad speller alert...insurance**)