Jan 11, 2006

tag me baby, one more time...

Four from Me....

Four jobs I've had:
- waitress @ a Weight Watchers-type restaurant
- cashier at Woolworth's (remember Woolworths?)
- receptionist at Supercuts
- receptionist at a car dealership

Four movies I'd watch over and over:
- Auntie Mame
- The Shawshank Redemption
- pretty much any James Bond flick (i know, it's more than four. get over it)

Four places I have lived:
- Long Beach
- Buena Park
(i don't get out much)

Four TV shows I love to watch:
- CSI (the original)
- Mythbusters
- Good Eats
- Family Guy

Four websites I visit daily:
- too many blogs too numerous to mention
- Simple Scrapbooks
- Yahoo! mail

Four places I have been on vacation:
- Florida
- Washington DC
- Michigan
- Tennessee

Four foods I love:
- mac & cheese
- grilled cheese sammiches
- meatloaf
- French Onion soup

Four places I would rather be:
- Catalina Island
- Disneyland
- Walt Disney World
- Hawaii (even though i've never been...i do believe i'd rather be there than here)

Now tag four:
- Cyn
- Loni
- Becky
- Tracey

thanks, Linda...this was fun!

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