Jan 9, 2006

a horrible, no-good, very bad day.

it started by me getting up. i shoulda stood in bed. :o)

first i got to work & found out all the schedules i created last week are wrong. not totally my fault, the sources i get to create deadlines is wrong. i now have to go & fix three schedules.

in the beginning of my day, i had to leave to have my evaulation for PT. of course, i stopped at home because i couldn't find my paperwork. then i couldn't find the paperwork. months worth of disability paperwork. gone.

oh bloody hell.

found it. in the last place i expected. my scrapbook room. God is better to me than i deserve.

couldn't find the location for my PT office. the receptionist, when i made my appointment, failed to tell me that they were located inside a bank building. or their suite number. i brought both facts up when i got there. she looked blankly at me as i spoke.

i waited almost 20 minutes before getting taken into the exercise area. turns out this was only an evaluation, not the actual session. the chick took measurements, checked my flexability, etc. then, she had me lie on my front, and started pressing on my lower back.

ok...this is a little tender.......OHMERCIFULGODINHEAVENWHATAREYOUDOING?

for those that might remember, when i was a kid i had a fish made of thin plastic. when you put it in your hand, it would curl up.

that's what i did. my feet practically touched my head. i cried. big, snotty tears.

then i had to ask for a kleenix, as the evaulator was obviously blind to my tears & snot.

back to work.

trying to catch up for missed time. then i find out i missed a deadline from Friday.

ooops - false alarm. hmmm - was that a heart attack/puke fest i just got invited to?

on my way home, DH calls to tell me he's too tired to cook. well, bloody hell. i certainly ain't cooking, either.

thank heavens for Pollo Loco.

tomorrow has to be better. i hope your Monday wasn't the hell mine was.


Becky said...

Hugs to you after such a rotten day. And darn that PT person for not being a little more careful!

Sounds like a good night for take-out and then TV or crafts with a purring kitty in your lap!

Hope your Tuesday is much, much better.

Doug Bagley said...

I feel for ya.I've been there and feel your pain.