Jan 13, 2006

Late breaking updates...

** - Jordan is spending one more night in the hospital...she's not responding as well to medicines as the doctors would like. Perhaps tomorrow...

** - as if that wasn't enough, Mama & Daddy had to take the other twin to emergency this a.m. with the same symptoms. She was released a few hours later with antibiotics.

Mama & Daddy had originally planned to go to Vegas this weekend for a getaway. Obviously, that's out.

But after these babies get well, they definitely need a vacation.


i actually lost at WW tonight. imagine my surprise, because i didn't completely understand the whole points thing (so i'm thick. get over it).

But i finally figured it out. Tonight.

At any rate....

So i lost. 3.2lbs.

Dang. 1.8 more and i couldn've gotten my "I've lost 5 lbs" ribbon.

Well, now that i sort of know how i should be doing this, at least i can (maybe) do better next week.

But tonight...i really wanted a hamburger. In the worst way. But i had a 6 inch Subway instead.

Have a great weekend everyone. Tomorrow i'm off to the local track for 45 minutes of brisk walking.

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doodlebugmom said...

woooo hoooo! Congratulations on your weight loss!

Hope those kiddos are feeling better soon.