Jan 20, 2006

it's the weirdest thing...

my mother in law is going home from the hospital today.

i think it's so bizzare.

yesterday she had NO short term memory. she couldn't remember what day of the week it was, what year it was, but knew who was President ("Bush." she said with contempt.).

and they're sending her home today.

it is amazing, really. after two days in the hospital, her blood sugar was completely under control, she was getting plenty of oxygen (she has congestive heart failure, on top of diabetes), and her vision has cleared up.

i'm certainly not crazy about the fact that she's going home. i don't think she's, well, strong enough to be by herself. i would feel better if she was in a group home...someplace like Brethern Manor in Long Beach.

my grandmother lived there for about 10 years before she died. the place was perfect...you had your own apartment & kitchen...all you had to do was eat one meal in their dining room and you had to put an "i'm OK" sign on your door each morning before 8 a.m. you had your independence, but were in a situation where you weren't alone.

this would be perfect for my MIL. except that she doesn't want to do that, because there's "old people" there.

hmmm....but it seems to me that any situation that 1) keeps you in contact with people - people of your generation & experiences 2) keeps you safe by not being alone would be, to quote Martha, "a good thing."

oh but what do i know. i'm not old. yet.

i just feel like it today.

**WW update: 2.3 lbs. that puts me @ 5.3 total so far. carrots are better than cookies.
c'mon. say it with me: carrots are better than cookies.**

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