Jan 11, 2006

stuff i miss

back in the day when i was single...

i drove to the same place to work that i do now.


back then, i drove east. i saw some spectacular sunrises.

now, i drive west.

but this a.m.....i saw a really phenomenal sunrise out of my rear view mirror. and of course, i couldn't get pulled over quick enough to get my camera out.

nothing else to add. just a reminder to stop & look around once in awhile. you might miss life.


jessica McDougall said...


This is so true. How inspiring to remember to always be on the lookout. (for even the littlest things)!


Mary Ann said...

Was lookin' at the Oasis website, and lo and behold, who do I see made a comment, but Valerie.
Took a chance with the link and here you (and I) are.
Until a few months back, hadn't seen you in a GAZILLION years, and now, twice in 1 week.
Well, almost twice...at the Oasis on Saturday, and now here, on your very own blog!! LOL
Mary Ann