Jan 4, 2006

ah, the entreprenuerial spirit...

allow me to preface this with two things:

1) this is true. you can't make this stuff up.
2) names have been changed to...well...you'll see why.

my friend Katie is a single mom. she's a good person. she has a good kid. Jason, is 12, and in middle school (or as we used to call it in my day - junior high).

a day or so ago, Jason called his mom at work, panicked. seems his cousin, who lived there for a month, had left a package of condoms there. the boy cannot find them.

absolutely panicked.

Katie told him to chill. cousin probably came by & picked them up. no, no - he insists, they're here. i need them. mom, please, go pick me up a package of magnums.

magnums?? sheesh - he's 12. don't they have training rubbers?

Katie hangs up, shaking her head. from my desk, i'm only hearing part of the conversation & still it's enough to make me giggle. this woman has soooooooooooo much drama & unintentional comedy in her life. what's one more thing?

later, she calls me. she's not sure if she should laugh, cry or get mad. Jason, it seems, has been selling them. to boys. at junior high.

at three dollars a pop.
(no pun intended)

oh dear heavens. see, on the one hand, the newly crowned Rubber King is performing a public service. he promotes safe sex, etc.

on the other hand, he probably could be suspended.

but what an entreprenuer.

it truly is a new millennium. i sold lemonade at a stand.

these kids sell rubbers.

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doodlebugmom said...

This is so cute! Smart kid. He will be a good businessman!