Jan 12, 2006


first day of PT.

i am, without a doubt, the weakest, flabbiest, most out-of-shape person that EVER blogged this planet.
(*note: prepare to hear even more self-bashing tomorrow night after weighing in @WW, and i've maintained. or, heaven forbid, gained.)

first i rode a bike for 5 minutes. it said my speed was 50. what does that mean? if you know, please drop me a note & tell me. the therapist (who was clearly bored) wasn't around & not that interested. then started the stretching. legs & straps (my husband would probably be thrilled), leg lifts, push-ups (sort of. lay on your front, push yourself up with your hands, but keep your belly on the table/floor), rotating legs, keep trunk stable. stand against the HUGE ball on the wall, roll yourself up & down. then, 15-20 minutes on a hot pad, with electrodes attached to my butt. (yes, a TINS unit)

to quote Homer (Simpson) - "D'oh."

what made me want to crawl into a ball (if i had the flexibility), was when i got off the first table, i was sweaty.


oh bro-ther.

could i have felt more embarrassed? well, yes. but for sake of pity, no.

oh well. i do this twice a week for the next two weeks. 6 sessions in all. then probably for the rest of my life, if i want my back to be better.


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doodlebugmom said...

My friend Marianne is a physical terrorist.

I hope things get easier for you, Sounds like hell :( Just keep reminding yourself how much it will help you in the long run.