Jan 8, 2006

so - the first week of the new year has ended....

how have you done so far? Have you broken any resolutions or have you made strides to accomplish yours?

I'm not a resolutions girl. I'm one of those Pollyanna types that believes every day is a new opportunity. A new beginning. A chance to start again.

So, i went against type. i made resolutions.

1) lose weight. I'm really one of those people that, although i'm not happy about being overweight, i am happy enough with myself as a person to not be motivated enough to do anything about it.

In other words, i'm lazy, dammit.

But - after the back surgery, and learning my spine & back ain't that great, i decided to do my best to make the commitment and just do it. Besides, after finding out about the cyst that caused my disk herniation, and that if it comes back, i'll be on my front, in the hospital getting it drained. For a week.

No thank you.

So, Friday i joined Weight Watchers. I'm not familiar with the whole Points system, so if you, Gentle Reader, know about it first-hand and can explain to MissThickHead, i would appreciate it.

Now, on to resolution number two.

Take more chances. Learn more. About everything.

In scrapbooking, i've already entered a contest, applied for a design team position, and am working on layouts for Creating Keepsake's Hall of Fame contest.

Yesterday, i splurged & took a day long class with Donna Downey. Scrapbook Expo is coming up, and i'm taking classes i wouldn't normally. I'm signing up for CKU in Provo this year.


Well, if you don't learn, you don't grow. If you don't grow, you stagnate.

I'm trying to grow my mind. And shrink my bum.

Wish me luck.

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doodlebugmom said...

DD class? WOW! How cool is that! Congratualtions and good luck on all your scrappin' endeavors!

I did WW a couple years ago, not sure if things are still the same. I had initial success, but my little town didnt have enough members to keep it going. I am not disciplined enough for the online version! If you have any questions ask and I will be glad to answer if I have a clue.