Dec 23, 2005

Wrapping like a fool....

Twos the night before the night before
and all through the flat
the only one stirring was
the chick in a Santa hat.

Wrapping gifts & goodies
for those we hold dear
and it's so late to realize
the Day's almost here.

When what to my wondering
eye should appear
- no more Christmas paper
only flowered ones here.

'O crap, o crud, o son of a smootch!"
i bellowed & blustered to only the cat
'no more paper to wrap
my dear mother's brooch!'

I have no intention
to go out to the store
for that would be suicide
and i'd like to live more.

So i'll wrap them in paper
of pink & purple blooms
it'll be quite festive
as they sit in the room.

Then i'll hear them exclaim
as i drive out of sight,
'your gifts were quite nice
but you wrap like a fright!'

not enough apologies in the world for Clement Moore.

may your paper never short. Happy day before the day before.

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