Dec 20, 2005

but it's a GOOD tired.

yeah, really.

now after the Melissa Huff story, i feel ashamed to complain about being tired.

so i won't.

i had a sudden surge of Christmas spirit. i made gifts for B's work. i made dream bars (a lovely concoction of graham cracker crumbs, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips, coconut & nuts - drop me a note if you'd like the recipe). i made fudge (only after i found i was missing an ingredient & had to haul butt to the store). i made pumpkin bread. i started to make caramel corn, but i burned it, so i said tohellwidit. maybe later.

i also printed some new pictures from Don & Maureen's visit yesterday @ Seal Beach. we met them for lunch @ Ruby's, then Maureen & i played with the kids on the beach, and in the surf. i even sang to Erin (who's turning three this February) - "I Love You A Bushel & a Peck". the minute i finished, she put her hands over her ears & said "don't sing Aunt Balerie."

guess she knows talent when she hears it. and she didn't hear it. smart kid.

i am blessed beyond measure. i may not feel like decorating, but believe me -

it's Christmas in my heart.

peace on earth.

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