Dec 13, 2005

mechanical fun...

absolutely LOVE mechanics.

no, not the repairers, the actual inner-workings of all things mechanical.

y' that need fixing...(which mine doesn't, knock wood)
...lights that burn out...
...dishwashers that flood the kitchen....
...stopped up - wait.

go back to that third one.

dishwashers that flood the kitchen.

that was us last night.

dinner was done. dishes brought in to kitchen when i saw a BOATLOAD of foam on the floor, and a nice waterfall spewing from the bottom of our dishwasher.

there was a string of profanties from me (well, OK, just one, but it was the BIG ONE). and a request for towels (the mop just wasn't cutting it). once everything was dried up, and the water bailed out of the bottom of the dishwasher, B tried to see what was going on with it.

apparently something is clogging the drain. so today, we call the assistant manager.

ah, the joy of apartment living.

well, actually, i don't have a problem with that. i LOVE the fact that if something breaks down, it's someone else's problem to fix, not mine.


at my complex, it's, well...complex.

the actual managers don't actually live here. it's a married couple, a little younger than us, but live up in northern California, where she either manages or owns a fitness center. so, the assistant managers (who by all accounts are the real managers) are in charge.

here's where it gets bizarre.

the assistant managers are an older couple. she was always doing everything. sweeping, handling problems, working her ass off. seriously. he sat on his ass. rumor has it that by noon, he was smashed. he always called B "babe."


she passed away last month. hadn't been well for about a year. she was a good person, not only for working, but in her soul.

not much to say about him.

but today, we'll try to get ahold of him before he's too snockered.

i don't need another flood.

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Doug Bagley said...

Man, good luck with him. Speaking of dishwasher problems, I once put liquid dish soap in my dishwasher. It wasn't long before the thing looked like a rabid animal, foaming at the mouth.