Dec 6, 2005

it's frickin' freezing, Mr. Bigglesworth....


OK - so it's not as cold as say where my two best friends live...Reno & the High Desert here in So. Cal. in Reno there was a frost warning for last night (dang!) and in Hesperia it was 32 degrees @ 8:30 pm, with a low of 14.

that, Gentle Reader, is cold to me.

mind you, when i was in Reno last, and talking to my Mom, she was complaining about how cold it was in Long Beach...the high was 64. phhhhht. wussy.

call me when it starts snowing.

going home, we drove through Donner summit. at one point, it was 32, and the rain coming down was slushy ice when it hit our windshield.

that is TRULY cold.

now, before DoodleBugMom & Becky begin sending me hate mail because they live in truly cold places, remember: i was born & raised in So. Cal. we basically have three seasons: winter, spring & summer. now, when my mom moved here from Oregon some 43 odd years ago, her first winter here was spent laughing at all the natives of California, bitching about "how cold it was." in the northern part of Oregon where she's from, it got cold. snow cold. her first winter she hardly wore a jacket.

that was over by the next winter.

so what does all this have to do with the price of tea? not a bloody thing.

just that i was thinking about how snugger warm i am right my Uggs on, my SuperWarmFuzzyRobe & a flannel quilt made by my mom. oh, and a fire burning in our (gas)fireplace.



doodlebugmom said...

LOL...poor you! Its about zero here today and my office is up to a balmy 54 degrees. (Some day I am going to throw that thermometer away!)

Wisconsin has 4 seasons : winter. almost winter. STILL winter. And road construction :/

Sure you are welcome to copy the 5 finger prayer. I thought it was a nice one


Doug Bagley said...

And we were moaning out here because we actually had a night or two where we dipped into the 40s. LOL.