Dec 14, 2005

tis' the season to lose your mind....

i mean, really.

was Ebenezer Scrooge so wrong?

maligned...misunderstood...misjudged...miss congeniality.

sorry. had to do that one.

i so love Christmas. the feeling the season brings...that there really could be peace on earth & goodwill to all.

the lights.

the sounds.

the music.

the shopping.

oh merciful heaven, deliver me from shopping.

it sucks. it blows. it's enough to drive even the most stout-hearted amonst us mad.

so if i had a chance, i wouldn't do it. well, except for shopping for the kids in our lives.

that's what puts it in to perspective for me. it's what i try to remember while i'm working on that bald spot in the back of my head, and the twitch in my eye gets worse.

tis the season. bah, humbug.

on to other news....

* the dishwasher is STILL broken with no word on when it will get fixed.

* i bought some paint cans & am playing with altering them.

* rented "Mr & Mrs Smith" love, love, LOVE this movie. say what you will about the whole Brad/Angelina/Jennifer trinity, this movie is fall-down funny. Angelina's character is soooo much smarter than Brad's, and that drives Brad's character absolutly bonkers.
B & i saw it in the theater (an unsusal move for us...both our work schedules makes that rather prohibitive) and laughed our asses off, while they stayed firmly planted on the edge of our tacky theater seats.

"you still alive, baby?"

only ten more shopping days. bah, humbug.

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