Dec 30, 2005

so it's official...

Tuesday i go back to work.

Now seriously, i can't complain. i have no reason to.

But being off for 2 1/2 months....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I have enjoyed it...once i got over the initial trauma from back surgery. Time to do what i wanted, what i needed and the ability to do it without pain.

That, my friends, has made it worth while. Worth most of the hassle from trying to get disability straightened out (still isn't), the physical therapy (still haven't started...just got approved last Friday - and my last doctor's appointment was 12/5), and well, everything.

I can honestly say, for all my nightmares, fears & trepidation, the decision to have the surgery was the best i've ever done.

So, as we approach 2006 - my wish for you, Gentle Reader, is this:
* wise decisions
* happy days
* lots of love and laughter

But most of all - peace.

Peace out.

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