Dec 1, 2005

and they called it puppy love...

with apologies to Donny.

the newest addition to my sister-in-law's family. a 52 day old golden retreiver puppy named Rocket J. Booster. his new older brother isn't sure what to make of him, but dang is he ever so cute.

i want a puppy. but the Cat would kill me. and the puppy.

ah, puppy love.

ain't it grand?


Doug Bagley said...

what a cute puppy. I'm a sucker for dogs and puppies, well, if someone could make a breed of dog that stayed in the puppy mode, he or she would make a chunk of change.
As far as hooray for beer, sorry, I don't drink, never had so will have to take your word on it.
Thanks for your comments on my posts. I really do appreciate all comments positive or negative, your's always been kind. Thanks.

doodlebugmom said...

awwwww. so cute!