Dec 20, 2005

people suck.

i'm watching an article on the news about a family in Arcadia here in So. Cal.

Melissa Huff is 16 - she lost one of her legs in a car wreck.

just recently, some SOB stole her prosthetic leg.

no, i'm not kidding. it's right up there with the shmucks that stole a scooter chair from a woman with MS here in Long Beach.

well, then, probably the same bastards broke into the Huff's house.

they stole their Christmas gifts.

oh and trashed their house, too.

y'know, compared to these bastards, the Grinch is a freakin' angel.

if you feel led to help, here's info i got off the Fox11 website:
If you would like to help the family of Melissa Huff...the young girl who's prosthetic leg was stolen weeks ago and now their Christmas presents have been stolen you can make donations to:
The Family of Melissa Huff C/CDewitt, Algorri & Algorri25 East Union StreetPasadena, CA 91103(626) 568-4000

i say we show them that we cannot & will not let the bastards win.

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