Dec 19, 2005

weird stuff going on here....

no soapboxing. relax.

B went to bed early tonight. he's getting up @ 3 a.m. to go to a Christmas party for his old department. thrilled beyond belief, he is, that they invited him. he held firm to the conviction that they didn't like him. fooled you!

so, i'm watching the news. here in LA, an overseas flight (not sure from where) made a emergency landing...looks like there were tire troubles, multiple tire blowouts on takeoff.

now i'm hearing weird-ass noises.

most likely just the place settling. y'know. creaking. thumping. just weird. not normal.

but then when Elvis stops & looks over my someone's there.

stop, stop, stop. i HATE when you do that, cat.

hey. i am not about to turn around. if Freddy or Michael or whoever is back there, believe me, i do NOT want to see him before he dispatches me.

weird. hate that stuff.

think i'll run to bed like a little sissy girl & snuggle with my boys...the small furry one & the big snoring one.

peace. oh, and a silent night, too.


Doug Bagley said...

So did you have nightmares of Freddy or Jason sneaking up on you?

doodlebugmom said...

I used to read suspense/mysteries at work. I would get so jumpy I had to give them up. My dh was very reassuring. He told me "if someone is going to come up there and chop you up, they aren't going to care what you are reading." gotta love his warped sense of humor.

Linda :o)