Dec 7, 2005

ah, the fun of it all...

in the midst of making ornaments for work, i ran out of ink in my printer. to Office Depot.

i was amazed, walking in - they had a greeter who asked how i was, waited for an answer, then asked what i needed. THEN, she walked me over to the aisle where the cartridges were.

wow. customer service.

then.....i went to a scrapbook store over by my work. this store is notorious for having no customer service...i often say i could fall down dead in an aisle & the girls there would just step over me.

not today.

i was again greeted as i came in, then asked if i needed help finding something.


i honestly didn't know what to say. (and for me, that's something) i stammered out something that had to have made sense, then went to the register.

shockaroo #2 - the girl at the counter was smiling & helpful, too.


sad, huh. that this society is surprised by good customer service...y'know, the way it used to be.

enough of that. i'm starting to sound like my grandmother.

if you scrap, have you checked out The Big Picture Scrapbooking yet? it's gonna be great. beyond great, actually. i cannot wait to sign up for these classes. Donna's class sound beyond incredible!

oh what fun it is!

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