Dec 19, 2005

meanwhile, at the CKMB....

there's a lot of times i HATE being a girl.

besides that time.

B says i have too many guy genes in me. i hate shopping (i want to go in, club the sweater and drag it back to my cave. cannot stand picking out, trying on, etc). i cannot stand the snide horrible way girls talk about other girls. i like talking to guys too much; they talk sense.

sense. and none of this is making any.

this is ridiculous. these women acting like hens.

i thought we lived in a country where free speech was tolerated. apparently it's only tolerated if the majority agrees with you. or if they liked you.

i guess it doesn't matter, in the Grand Scheme of Things.

but they don't deserve to win.

peace. especially to the message board.

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doodlebugmom said...

I missed the latest at the CK board. Thats why I quit going there much...too much catty-ness. Women are like that, It annoys me. I work with all men. Its nice. There are other women at the other stores than I can IM (to complain about the so I am not completely surrounded.

Generally, men are good to work with. If they diagree they say so, they dont talk behind your back, and they will defend me when creeps come around. If I could only get them to put the seat down! lol

Linda :o)