Dec 22, 2005

droppin' a dime on the neighbor...

and well you might wonder why.

we live in a pretty good complex. the occasional rowdy party but for the most part, OK.

until i woke up just before 3 a.m. to not only a stereo on sooooooooooo loud, that glass was vibrating, AND a TV on super loud, too.

turns out it was our downstairs neighbor. who's 65 years old.

so i went down. pounded on the door.

(hmmm. wonder why he can't hear me.)

so, i called the police. hate, hate, HATE doing that. feel like a squealer.

not to mention the fact that he's a nice man. but bloody hell. it's 3 o'clock in the morning.

but...what if he's, to quote a favorite commercial, "fallen & he can't get up?"

so i called the local police...non-emergency line only, folks.

few minutes later, i hear a knock on his door. twice. then the pounding.

stereo went off, then the tv.
i will say this, he has an eceletic taste in music. playing Christmas carols, then the BeeGees, then Outkast.

it's back on. albeit not as loud as before. but bloody hell.

bloody hell.

perhaps i need the cast from Riverdance upstairs in retaliation.

it's gonna be a long ol' night.

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