Dec 24, 2005

what's totally no particular order....

Starbuck's peppermint mocha Frappachino

maid service (don't have it, but bloody wish i did)



reading blogs

Spike TV's marathon of James Bond movies for the next week. love Bond flicks.

picking up my already cooked Christmas dinner from Knott's Berry Farm

waiting in my truck for my already cooked Christmas dinner, drinking my Starbucks & talking to my best girlfriend ever

the fact that it's Christmas eve morning and the knowledge that i'm done

NORAD tracking Santa

i love that, especially.

so we don't have kids. doesn't matter, i love going online each year to track Santa. as of a few minutes ago, he was over the Taj Mahal.

i just think it's so cool, that, because of a phone number typo in a Sears ad which caused phone calls to Santa to be routed to NORAD instead, they started tracking Santa. I think it's cool that the commaning officer, who easily could have hung up on these kids calling for Santa, took the time to talk to them and had his men field the calls & let these kids know what was going on with Santa.

and a tradition was born.

so here i am, a 43 year old with no kids, excited to check out the NORAD website to see where St. Nick is now. so cool.

it reassures me that, in spite of the horrors of this world, there is still some magic out there.

sometimes, you just need to track Santa to find it.

Merry Christmas eve.

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